Research Lab For Blockchain, Security,

Privacy And Trust.

Cryptic Labs Is An Innovative Commercial Lab And Accelerator Focused On Solving Fundamental Problems In Security, Privacy And Trust To Advance The Viability And Growth Of The Blockchain.

About Us

We are building a unique combination of illustrious cryptography and security advisors, researchers and outstanding blockchain practitioners to work on decentralized and distributed trust. By combining cryptography and related security researchers with blockchain practitioners and startups, we have the opportunity to perform a great service to the business community and the world in general.

Cryptic Labs also functions as a commercial accelerator focusing on security, economics, privacy and trust to advance the viability of the blockchain. To companies in our accelerator, we offer collaboration on research, talent acquisition and mentorship. We act as a bridge between university, venture capital and industry in this global exchange of ideas practical solutions and resources.

Where We Focus

  • Security Analysis/ Verification of Blockchains State-of-the-art Attacks on Blockchains and Wallets.

  • Unparalleled economic expertise and insight to the Blockchain industry. 

  • Improvements in Homomorphic Encryption Sustainable and Scalable Blockchain Computation 

  • Blockchain Privacy/Anonymity and Blockchain-based Identity Privacy-Preserving Smart Contracts. 


  • Beyond Proof-of-Work, including Proof-of-Stake/Time/Space/ Replication Zero-Knowledge Proofs.